Windows 10 new malware threat

New York: New malware attacking Windows systems discovered Cybersecurity firm TrustWave's SpiderLab says it has discovered cybersecurity malware is a ransom malware. This means that once you arrive at your computer, you will need a ransom if you want to take all your data and release it. Cyborg Malware is another version of Wanacry that made a huge threat years ago.

The malware originates from an email called "Please install the latest critical update from Microsoft Attached to this email".

Clicking on this image in the mail that comes with a .jpg image for Windows 10 latest update will immediately download the bitcoingenerator.exe file to your computer. Along with this, cyber malware will also reach your computer.

Once this has affected your computer, you can see the specific extension in the files on your computer. The file 'Cyborg_DECRYPT.txt' will appear on the desktop of the malware-infected system. You may also find a copy of the malware, bot.exe, on the drive of the malware-infected system.

That is, the makers of cyber malware can mislead the owner of the affected system with regard to how the system is affected by various extension files. According to tech sources, this malware is a serious matter.

Source: Internet