When Mixed Improperly Cleaning With Chemicals Can Even Cause A Death

At Buffalo Wild Wings an employee had died after being exposed to toxic fumes that was a result of mix of common cleaners. Many other workers others injured from the toxic fumes.

As the studies, the workers were exposed to toxic fumes created by a mix of acid and bleach. As the reports provided by the news an employee at Buffalo Wild Wings died after being exhibited to toxic fumes conceived by a mix of common cleaners.

According to NBC news this incident had occurred on Nov 7, when a worker at Buffalo Wild Wings in Burlington, Massachusetts started to clean the restaurant floor. He used a cleaner called Super 8 and a bleach based solution that incorporates sodium hypochlorite. NBC reported that an acid based cleaner named Scale Kleen has already been spilled onto the floor.

Burlington Fire Chief, Michael Patterson reported NBC that the mixture of the two chemicals resulted in a substance that turned green and started to bubble. Soon after the worker had developed burning eyes and a sort of breathing problems. Meanwhile a manager tried to squeegee away the mixture but there he advanced a serious problem and was unable to continue. According to the local news report NBC10 Boston, the 32-year-old manager Ryan Baldera later died at hospital. Another thirteen people were also treated to exposure to the fumes.

When chemicals are mixed improperly, everyday cleaners are meant dangerous or even death. Chlorine bleach can react with ammonia, acids and other cleaners according to DOH (Washington State Department of Health).

Also when you mix bleach with an acid, chlorine gas is evolved. And if anyone to expose to this gas they may cause coughing, irritation of eyes, nose and throat, burning eyes, running nose, breathing problems. Chlorine gas at high concentrations can cause severe breathing problems and fluid in the lungs those exposed. DOH comments that at very high concentrations it may even cause death.

At hazmat team was called in to treat the area at the Burlington Buffalo Wild Wings and the city officials had closed the restaurant. This incident is also investigated by the Health Administration and Occupation Safety.

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