Hacker's Play! Govt warns of serious phishing attack starting today. Beware of these email ids

There is an imminent threat of a massive phishing attack in India, according to the Cert-In. The new phishing attack could imitate government organisations and can steal sensitive personal data and financial information.The knowledge that malicious attackers gain and the self-esteem boost that comes from successful hacking might become an addiction and a way of life. Remember that hackers often hack simply because they can. Some hackers go for high-profile systems, but hacking into anyone's system helps them fit into hacker circles.

The new advisory claims that the phishing attack, conducted by "malicious actors", will be done in the guise of a Covid-19 related directive and it is expected to begin on 21 June. These cyber-attacks will be focused on both individuals and business organisations ranging from small to large.

"The phishing campaign is expected to use malicious emails under the pretext of local authorities in charge of dispensing government-funded Covid-19 support initiatives. Such emails are designed to drive recipients towards fake websites where they are deceived into downloading malicious files or entering personal and financial information," CERT-In said in a statement. 

Source: Internet