Alert whatsapp users! A warning from central government

NEW DELHI: WhatsApp is the next challenge in the wake of the Israeli spy software controversy. WhatsApp warns of a new malware threat that could allow hackers to control users' accounts. Tech media reports that the seriousness of the new threat is that using this malware to access WhatsApp, not only WhatsApp but also other data on the phone.

India's cyber security agency Computer Emergency Response Team - India has warned against this.

CERT-In puts this WhatsApp malware into a high challenge category.

This is mainly due to the recent WhatsApp updated phones on Android and iOS. The malware is sent to the phone through a video file in MP4 format which often comes from an unknown number. With this you can take control of your phone.

WhatsApp says that the latest malware threats are mainly Android 2.19.274 version.

Source: Internet