Who is the whistleblower: Trump tweets out the name.

Washington president Donald Trump blast the media for not publicizing the name of the person who has been analyzed in the conservative circles as the whistleblower who drive the impeachment inquiry. Still, Trump has attentively avoided using the name himself.

Ayodhya Verdict Top Trend Across The Globe

Ayodhya verdict has become a worldwide trend on Twitter with over 206K tweets, meantime with over 18.7K tweets

Maharashtra under President

Finally President Rule is imposed in Maharashtra on Tuesday after the continuous ups and downs in the state over the government formation.

Sabarimala Verdict: No clarity on women

Today, Nov 14 Thursday, the Supreme Court was to deliver its verdict on review petitions filed against its rulings on the entry of women of all age groups in Sabarimala temple, now the case referred to a seven-judge bench.

Again a tension filled pilgrimage season for Sabarimala devotees

On November 14 Thursday, the Supreme Court had referred the case to a larger bench consisting seven-members with 65 review petitions asking re-examination of its September 2018 verdict which allowed entry of women of all age groups to Kerala